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Masterclass with Luned Rhys Parri

19th January 2019

10am- 4pm

Inspired by Luned Rhys Parri's quirky signature style you'll create a three-dimensional scene or object in paper, card and wire.

You'll be shown how to create a foundation for your unique 3D structure, then to build on this and embellish using layers of paper-mache and paint. Please bring any photocopies or images which you would like to use, either as inspiration or to incorporate into your design.

If you own a pair of thin nosed pliers please bring them with you.

Please note, small objects such as birds or teacups can be completed within the session, whereas more complex scenes will take longer and so are likely to need to be completed later at home, using the techniques you have learned.

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Luned Rhys Parri is a much admired creator of lively three-dimensional art works. Simple materials like tinfoil, cardboard, paper and wire, combined with paint are skilfully employed to create textured images reminiscent of her childhood in Wales as well as contemporary local scenes. Her depictions of everyday life are imbued with warmth and vitality. Luned has worked as artist-in-residence at many institutions, festivals and schools, has exhibited widely throughout Wales and in Europe, won numerous awards and is a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

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